Tips on Caring for Newly Planted Trees

women planting young treeIf you have recently spent the time planting new trees on your property, you are likely wondering how to care for them. The last thing that you want to have happened is for them to get sick, and subsequently, die. To ensure that young trees have the best possible chance of growing into tall and strong mature trees, there are certain strategies that must be implemented early on. It also mandates planting them properly. Let’s go over all of the steps that can ensure that your trees will have the best possible chance of survival.

How To Plant A Tree

The first thing that you should do is dig a hole that is roughly 3 feet in diameter. It should be 2 feet deep. This will give you plenty of room to put compost which will be watered down. You will not want to add any fertilizer at all to this mixture. That will be too much for the young trees to handle. You will then pat down the tree, place a stake in the ground, and secure the tree to the stake so it stays vertical.

How To Care For The Tree Once It Is Planted

There are three things that you must do to ensure that a newly planted tree is going to survive. First of all, it should be watered every day for the first couple weeks. You should not overwater, but just make sure that the ground is properly saturated. This will allow the roots of the tree to go deep into the ground. The second strategy is to add mulch on top of the ground where the tree is planted. This will help keep the moisture in. Finally, you need to make sure that it gets plenty of sunlight. When you are deciding where to plant these, make sure that they have the widest possible south facing view.

How To Make Sure Your Tree Grows

You can make sure that the tree is able to grow after six months by then adding a small amount of fertilizer. This should be at least 1/4 dose as to what you would give for a full-grown tree because they are simply saplings. If this is done once a year, for the next several years, they will have all of the nitrogen, phosphorus, and other nutrients that will be necessary for proper growth and health.

These five simple strategies that you can use to plant and maintain your trees will help them grow into tall trees that can fend for themselves later on. It is recommended that you have an arborist come out every year to examine them, just to make sure that they are on the right track. After you have done this a couple of times, you will have no problems planting new trees and feeling confident about how well they will grow. At the very least, contact an arborist if you have any questions about additional tips that you may want to implement to ensure the health of your newly planted trees.