How Some Trees Are Affected Seasonally

Each year, we experience weather that changes. During the springtime, everything comes to life. The grass begins to turn from brown to green, and flowers begin to sprout up in gorgeous shades of yellow, purple, white, and beyond, thanks to frequent rain showers that ensure new growth. When summer hits, everything is in full swing. The sun is shining bright, days get steadily warmer, and the sky is a crisp and clear blue like never before. But during the fall and winter, the days begin to get chilly. We see a wonderful cacophony of colors before the snow falls and everything goes white. And one thing is for sure – no better show of seasonal change comes from anything other than the trees. How so?

We all live in different climates and areas, and in some places, such as beneath the equator, the seasons are arranged at different times of the year. For example, while those in North America are enjoying their snowy winter for Christmas, individuals living in Brazil are heading to the beach. In some places, it’s not uncommon to even have a season go unnoticed. But no matter where we do live, our majestic trees are going through a cycle that is truly remarkable.

During the spring season, everything is starting to wake up after a sleepy little winter. And in some areas, winter weather is quite substantial. But simply put, trees are beginning to flower and show the most beautiful blossoms the eye can see. And for some trees, this means that fruit will soon be able to be harvested. Now, not every tree will bring forth blossoms and fruit, but the renewal of life is still seen in each species of a tree during spring due to these gorgeous blossoms and bright green leaves. Summer is coming!

For a tree, summertime (in most cases) is the ideal season when it comes to growth and life. Temperatures are warm and trees begin to bear fruit or simply stay as green and luscious as can be. But soon, when fall comes, it is possible to see the leaves change from green to a gorgeous shade of red, orange, yellow, and even purple. During this time, the leaves will harden and die. This is due to the fact that temperatures are dropping and the humidity in the air is lower than in the previous two seasons. Leaves will soon fall and begin pooling on the ground. You can go ahead and check out this great tree service company at

Winter is the last season where trees can be seen changing. This is when the cold is at its peak during the year and many trees are bare and at rest. Snow begins to fall, and many trees, such as evergreens, are collecting snow and being harvested for the holiday season.

Some trees never bare blossoms or leaves, even if temperatures are ideal and water is readily available. And on the other side of the spectrum, some trees, like evergreens, stay bulky and keep their leaves throughout the year. One thing is for sure – no matter the species of tree, the seasonal changes were seen are miraculous and wonderful to behold.