How Some Trees Are Affected Seasonally

Each year, we experience weather that changes. During the springtime, everything comes to life. The grass begins to turn from brown to green, and flowers begin to sprout up in gorgeous shades of yellow, purple, white, and beyond, thanks to frequent rain showers that ensure new growth. When summer hits, everything is in full swing. The sun is shining bright, days get steadily warmer, and the sky is a crisp and clear blue like never before. But during the fall and winter, the days begin to get chilly. We see a wonderful cacophony of colors before the snow falls and everything goes white. And one thing is for sure – no better show of seasonal change comes from anything other than the trees. How so?

We all live in different climates and areas, and in some places, such as beneath the equator, the seasons are arranged at different times of the year. For example, while those in North America are enjoying their snowy winter for Christmas, individuals living in Brazil are heading to the beach. In some places, it’s not uncommon to even have a season go unnoticed. But no matter where we do live, our majestic trees are going through a cycle that is truly remarkable.

During the spring season, everything is starting to wake up after a sleepy little winter. And in some areas, winter weather is quite substantial. But simply put, trees are beginning to flower and show the most beautiful blossoms the eye can see. And for some trees, this means that fruit will soon be able to be harvested. Now, not every tree will bring forth blossoms and fruit, but the renewal of life is still seen in each species of a tree during spring due to these gorgeous blossoms and bright green leaves. Summer is coming!

For a tree, summertime (in most cases) is the ideal season when it comes to growth and life. Temperatures are warm and trees begin to bear fruit or simply stay as green and luscious as can be. But soon, when fall comes, it is possible to see the leaves change from green to a gorgeous shade of red, orange, yellow, and even purple. During this time, the leaves will harden and die. This is due to the fact that temperatures are dropping and the humidity in the air is lower than in the previous two seasons. Leaves will soon fall and begin pooling on the ground. You can go ahead and check out this great tree service company at

Winter is the last season where trees can be seen changing. This is when the cold is at its peak during the year and many trees are bare and at rest. Snow begins to fall, and many trees, such as evergreens, are collecting snow and being harvested for the holiday season.

Some trees never bare blossoms or leaves, even if temperatures are ideal and water is readily available. And on the other side of the spectrum, some trees, like evergreens, stay bulky and keep their leaves throughout the year. One thing is for sure – no matter the species of tree, the seasonal changes were seen are miraculous and wonderful to behold.

When Hiring the Best Tree Care Company

Poorly cared for trees and shrubs can make your property look unkept. Learning how to trim trees or shrubs is not difficult. What can be a challenge is knowing when to trim or prune them and how much thinning to do to keep them healthy. If you cannot care properly for your trees, this can sometimes cause hazards for your family and your neighbors. Overhanging branches can cause problems during storms and these are so high up that it is not likely that you have the skills and equipment to trim them properly.

When you need to hire a tree care company, you have to make sure of several things. You want to get your money’s worth for their services and end up with trees and shrubs that look beautiful and healthy. The following questions will help you find the best company to handle your tree care.

Ask them if they have current insurance. Once they can show you they are insured ask about their professional credentials. They should be able to show you that they are members of the International Society of Arboriculture or ISA. If you need them to trim branches around power lines they also need to be Approved Line-Clearance Arborists.

What references can they provide you with? You want to see recent references from happy customers in your area.

Can they give you written estimates without any surprise fees? The estimate that they provide you with should be the price you end up paying unless there are special tasks that they cannot determine will need to be done until the work starts. Be sure everything is put in writing. Ask two or three companies for estimates if you are looking to get on a maintenance plan so that you can go with the company that offers you the best price.

What type of equipment will they use for the work you need them to do? If they need to access a tree across the lawn, be sure they are aware of sprinkler heads and garden beds ahead of time.

Finally, ask them what they do to clean up after the work is complete. If branches are being pruned, they should be able to remove them and dispose of them properly. The same goes for any tree stumps left after a job is complete. They should grind the stump and then remove the debris from your yard leaving it in great condition.

It is possible to do your own tree trimming but unless you are a professional, you should let jobs involving heights to the professional arborists. After a storm, you may need a large tree branch to be removed in an emergency. Let this job remain in the hands of your local tree service because they have the training and experience to take care of safely cutting the branch down and removing it properly.

Contact a few tree services in your area now. Compare their services using the questions above to find the right one for you.

How to Plant Trees: Best Practices

At first glance, it probably seems like planting a tree is probably one of the easiest things to do. But experience tells us and has more importantly shown us that these things are rarely just cut and dry. People make mistakes with planting trees all the time and these mistakes can cause problems both big and small in the future. With an article like this, our goal is to list a few best practices for planting trees and to encourage many people to just hire a professional to do it for them. But either way, you go about it you need to know what your endgame is.

We talk about knowing what your endgame is you need to know what you want your trees to look like in the future, where you want to plant them, where the best places to plant them in your yard, what can go wrong if you plant your trees in the wrong spot and how to avoid all of those types of problems. So it really is just simple as digging a hole and waiting, instead, it is about doing your due diligence in making sure that you have this properly planned.

Some of the types of problems that can happen when you improperly plant trees are that you might plant them too close to your home and that can cause huge problems for you. It can cause damage to your roof, it can give rodents of all kinds easy access to your roof, it can make it so that you put your house right in the line of damage when you have high winds. Besides just being too close to your property, you also need to have the right type of soil and location to plant your trees. Not all land is the right land to plant all different types of trees. Sometimes the land might not have the right structure for healthy root growth and this can cause problems when you’re planning large trees that won’t have a proper support system. This is why it is so important to call in an arborist or a professional tree company because they know how to properly plan these things and they know how to do contingency planning. They can definitely keep you out of the type of trouble the amateurs often get themselves into when they decide to plant trees in their yard.

There were cases where homeowners have planted trees improperly and those trees have fallen on their home or a neighbor’s home. There are times when minor things happen where they haven’t taken into account the amount of space they actually need so root systems aren’t able to really grow, trees end up dying because they can’t get the nutrients that you need and things just ended being too close.

The way that you avoid many of these problems is to simply call and the right company or to take the time to do this properly. Taking your time to do this is very important.